European Public Funding Horizon Europe & more

Who should be interested?

Any type of entity involved in research or innovation has the possibility to participate in European funding programs: start-ups, high-tech SME, academia, research organizations, public authorities, associations, industry interested in technological research and innovation, etc.


Program Guidance

Finding the programs that best suit your project takes time and experience. We will guide you through the available programs and advise you on those in which your project fits best. We will explain all the details so that you have a clear picture of the features and benefits of each program: HORIZON EUROPE:

  • EIC Accelerator
  • EIC Transition
  • EIC Pathfinder
  • Global Challenges


Project validation

We do not want to waste your time or your money. We will be happy to meet you, listen to you and carry out an evaluation of your project without obligation. We will give you honest feedback with our opinion about your financing possibilities in the European Public Funding programs.


We share the same goal, we want your project to be a success. That's why we put our soul into what we do. We will create a complete, detailed and compelling application, to maximize your chances of success. We will take care of everything necessary to present your application satisfactorily, forget about the tedious administrative and bureaucratic processes.


Project Execution Support

Congratulations, your project has been funded! and now... what? We want to continue giving you value by helping you with the contractual documentation, administrative management, financial management requested by EC and following up your milestones and deliverables commitments.


Private Investment

Investors Network

Access to a network of more than 5,700 early-stage investors. Our investors are geographically spread across the globe and cover practically all industries and sectors..

1,000 +
1,000 +
350 +
China, Israel, Turkey, Mexico...

Business Assessment

We want to help you change the world. We will analyze your business plan and your strategy. With this information, we can advise you on your chances of success in attracting investors, as well as propose some improvements.

Company Valuation

We will begin by making a first objective valuation of the business using the usual company valuation methods (discounted cash flow, multiples, and others).

Matching & preparation

We will take care of organizing the meetings and preparing you for them. Documentation, presentations, pitch, everything you need to convey with confidence the great opportunity that your business represents. We will also help you with the pre and post term sheet negotiations.

Partner Konnect

Partners for Projects

Lean on us! We will find a partner that complements your capabilities to carry out your project successfully.

Qualified Suppliers

Finding a supplier that aligns with your rigorous technical requirements can be challenging. Share your needs with us and we will employ our resources and expertise to assist you in your search.


Industries and Sectors

Health, ICT, Biotech, Energy, Materials & Nanotech, Environment, Transport, Agro, Blue growth, Space...