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Mission We get you funding to change the world
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European Public Funding

Do you envisage a new technology which can change our lives?

Are you working in a groundbreaking innovation project which will disrupt the market?

We want to accompany you in these exciting first steps by helping you attain grants and funding from € 500 k to € 17.5 million to scale up your project, accelerate your milestones and make your technology a reality.

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Private Investment

Are you looking for private investment?

You do not know where to start or are you encountering many barriers?

Let us do that job for you. We have access to 5 k+ early-stage investors eager to hear about your project.

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Partner Konnect

Research and innovation are very particular territories where it is difficult to find appropriate partners that best fit to your project.

It is also difficult to find suppliers who can meet your demanding technical specifications.

Whether you are looking for partners or fitting suppliers, let us help you find your best travel companions.

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