About us

We share your center

We abhor grey and bureaucratic consultancies, without creativity and that make you feel like one of the bunch. At Koncentriq we want you to feel unique, that we are part of your project, that we add value to you with our technical and business knowledge, and that we find solutions where others only see problems.

Research and innovation is part of our DNA. That is why we enjoy working on your project. Each project in which we get involved is extraordinary and we put our soul in achieving financing so that you can make it a reality.

We like to have a fresh and fun environment, working hand in hand with you and putting our experience and professionalism at your disposal. The people who make up Koncentriq have an experience of raising more than 320 million euros since 2017 and have access to more than 5,700 early-stage investors.

We want to accompany you in your destiny to change the world.